Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences

Committed to Professional Excellence 

Why Choose Us

Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences is a private tertiary medical training institution accredited by TVETA. The college is committed to training health and medical courses in Artisan, Certificate & Diploma levels.

Academic Experience

Our school guarantees our trainees an opportunity to learn and obtain hands-on experience as most of the courses involve a lot of real-time practice in hospitals, health centers, medical industries, processing industries, or even institutes.

Hostel Facilities

We boast enough affordable boarding facility which comes with a meals-inclusive package, WIFI connectivity, and entertainment.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our annual calendar encompasses co-curricular activities like drama training and attending festivals, cultural days, and sporting days to ensure all talents are brought to light.

Our Departments

We have a total of 8 Departments consisting of all facilities as well as accredited by certified Boards such as KNEC, CDACC, KNDI, NCK, COCK, KMLTTB, etc.