Department of Applied Sciences

Department of Applied Sciences excels not only in imparting knowledge but also in offering specialized services to fellow departments that put into practice various scientific concepts and theories. Functioning as the definitive hub of scientific wisdom, our department aspires to ignite a fervor for the adaptability of science and its tangible applications in the world we inhabit. In pursuit of this goal, we streamline the pedagogy of science by embracing activity-based learning, hands-on experimentation, enlightening field excursions, and daring exploration – all of which synergize to amplify the utilization of knowledge within the realm of technology advancement. A culmination of industry-immersed learning then concludes this holistic training process, furnishing students with a robust foundation of pragmatic “education tailored for the real world.

Our commitment materializes through cutting-edge laboratories and state-of-the-art engineering workshops, thoughtfully established to facilitate the realization of our overarching objective: to forge unbreakable connections between the realm of science and other diverse disciplines. Our dedication further extends to shaping the intellects of our students, by furnishing them with a sturdy platform from which they can seamlessly meld disparate realms of inquiry, giving birth to novel knowledge and nurturing the seeds of innovation.

Courses Offered