Department of Applied Sciences



1. Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology

This particular course aims at providing our students with laboratory skills and knowledge that can be employed in any science laboratory in the job market. A certificate student in the above course can proceed and pursue; a diploma in medical engineering, diploma in applied biology and diploma in analytical chemistry.

Entry Requirements

For one to qualify for the course, he or she must have attained a D+ in K.C.S.E exams or its equivalent as advised by the Ministry of Education.

Exam Body- KNEC

Course Careers

A graduate from the above course can work in Pharmaceutical industries, quality assurance institutions e.g. KEBS, research institutions and can work as laboratory technologist in universities, secondary schools etc.

2. Diploma in Applied Biology

This is a 2 year course that targets to provide the student with knowledge and skills in biological skills and how they can be used applied in the job market.

Entry Requirements

For a student to qualify to pursue the course, he or she must have attained a C- (minus) mean grade in K.C.S.E or its equivalent or might have passed in a relevant craft course.

3. Diploma in Medical Engineering

A student enrolled to pursue this course is equipped with skills and knowledge on how to assemble, repair and maintain medical equipment.

Entry Requirements

Mean grade-   C plain

Mathematics- C– (Minus) or:

He or she has passed in the relevant craft course and must have done biology in high school.

Possess any other qualification but approved by KNEC.

4. Diploma in Environmental Science

This course is targeted to providing a trainee with skills that will enable him or her to provide quality control to processes relevant to chemical processing environments, prepare accurate laboratory reports as well as supervisory laboratory work.

Entry requirements

A qualified candidate should have a mean grade of C-(minus) and a C minus in biology and Chemistry.