Diploma in Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering course equips students with a blend of medical and engineering knowledge, fostering skills to design, develop, and maintain medical equipment and technologies. This interdisciplinary program trains students to address healthcare challenges through innovation. Graduates of this course play a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, working at the intersection of medicine and engineering.
They find opportunities in medical device companies, hospitals, research institutions, and regulatory agencies. Their expertise impacts patient care by advancing diagnostic tools, therapeutic devices, and healthcare systems, contributing to improved medical treatments and overall healthcare quality.

Objectives of the Course

  1. Develop innovative medical devices.
  2. Enhance medical imaging technologies.
  3. Design biomaterials and implants.
  4. Implement health informatics solutions.
  5. Advance rehabilitation and assistive technologies.

Expected working field

  1. Hospitals and Clinics
  2. Research Laboratories
  3. Universities and Academic Institutions
  4. Pharmaceutical Companies
  5. Imaging Centers
  6. Biotechnology Companies
  7. Government Health Agencies


Entry Requirement C - (Minus)
Examination Body
Duration of study 3 Years