Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics


The role of Nutritionists and dieticians started emerging in the 1990’s as a major player in the health care team. This was then improved in the 2000’s as several Nutritionists’ took up spearheading roles in health care. Nutrition and Dietetics in Kenya has now had an impact on the society and people are now conscious of what they eat and the effects of consumption of different foods.

In this regard Imperial college of medical and health sciences has designed the course curriculum to train professionals in Diploma and Certificate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in line with the Kenya Nutritionists and Dietician Institute (KNDI) and Kenya National Exams Council (KNEC) curriculum.

Nutrition and dietetics is a comprehensive course developed for health care professionals to enable them understand the relationship between nutrition and the human body.


Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Mean Grade C Minus
English/Kiswahili D plus
Chemistry/Physics D plus
Biology D plus
A grade of D plain in any of Mathematics, Agriculture, Physics, Home Science or General Science

Academic Advancement

Those who will graduate with a Diploma in nutrition and dietetics, will be given a credit transfer at the University to join 2nd year.