Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology


Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology


This course is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills to students who are seeking to train as chemistry professionals and scientists in the areas of manufacturing and research. The programme provides students with comprehensive theoretical learning, as well as real life situations, so that they can build the attitudes, skills, and experiences that will prepare them to meet the challenges within this growing field. 


Course  Duration: 2yrs

Exam Body- KNEC

Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology

Mean Grade C- (Minus)
English/Kiswahili C- (Minus)
Chemistry C- (Minus)
Biology C- (Minus)
Physics/Maths C- (Minus)
Certificate in Science Laboratory.
Any other equivalent qualifications approved by the Kenya National Examination Council.

Career Growth

A Diploma holder student may proceed to a diploma level in any of the following related courses.