Department of Physiotherapy


Diploma in physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a medical profession which utilizes scientific principles of electro-physical agents, manual techniques and therapeutic exercises to provide treatment for various systemic diseases, musculoskeletal, neurological and organ injuries and correct deformities and disabilities. It focuses on evidence based practice in assessment, diagnosis, and promotion of health, prevention and management of a wide range of disorders that restricts normal function of an individual.

Physiotherapists are health professionals with rich knowledge in movement and function; who work in partnership with patients/clients assisting them recover from the mention challenges which may be congenital, acquired through accidents or injury or as a result of ageing or life changing events.

Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences (ICMHS) aims to train Diploma in Physiotherapy (physiotherapy assistants) who are able to work under the supervision of a physiotherapist. The college aims to provide comprehensive, individually focused training that prepares the students for providing a quality physiotherapy care to the patients so that at the end of the course he/she will be able to perform under different standards.

Course Duration

Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences aims to train physiotherapy assistants from Jan 2021. The program will take 9 trimesters within a period of 3 years. It will include both Theory and practical classes inclusive of 930 hours of clinical placement.

The program will provide a combination of theory, clinical instruction and practical classes at the gym/physiotherapy lab; therefore, ensuring the student can continually develop clinical reasoning, patient assessment and management, multidisciplinary approach and enhance research.

Career Growth

Upon completion of diploma in physiotherapy, the student is able to advance to: